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ForumCircle is the premier free forum provider which provides simplicity, speed and reliability of service. Speed and security are our primary goals, not just afterthoughts. This ensures that forums hosted by us are a reliable platform for important community discussions. Check out how speedy we are at Alexa.

Easy to use, fast and secure

  • Attach files into your forum.
  • Upload your own pictures into the avatar gallery.
  • Access your forum with your own domain!
  • Easy-to-remember sub-domain style URL for your forum:
  • Highly reliable servers and high bandwidth.
  • Enhanced Anti-Spam System.
  • RSS Feed support.
  • Flexible Dynamic Shoutbox.
  • Picasa Web Album integration.
  • Multiple skins and styles to choose from for your forum.
  • Many languages to choose from - English, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Cyrillic- more additions to come! If you don't see any languages supported here, ask and we'll do our best to add them!
  • You become your own admin - have total control of the settings and permissions in the free forum that you create.
  • Secure forum - each forum runs in a different context space. This means your forum is isolated and will not be affected by what the other forum admins do.
  • Virtually unlimited threads of discussion, categories and the number of members.
  • Plus much more. . . .!

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